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100% Unique Articles

Each and every article will be 100% unique and well-researched. No spun content, no fluff. All of our writers are from the United States and our prices are more than reasonable: only $10 per 500-word article.

  • No Fluff
  • 100% US Writers
  • No Spun Content
  • Only $10/500-Word Article!

Professional Design

We'll choose an appropriate WordPress theme and custimize it so that your MegaSite ends up standing out. You're probably sick and tired of "spammy-looking sites" and so are we. Our price? Only $345 per design!

  • Professional WP Themes
  • No More Low-Quality Filler Sites
  • We'll Tailor Everything to Your Needs
  • Only $345/Design!

Self-Updating Sites

Nope, not a typo! All sites will update themselves: 50% of the articles will be published right away and the remaining 50% will be published automatically at a pace of one article/week. Google LOVES busy sites!

  • All Sites Are Self-Updating
  • 50% of the Articles Published Initially
  • The Other Half Published 1/Week
  • All of This at no Additional Charge!

Our number 1 Goal:

Do you want to constantly play cat and mouse with Google by trying to rank a low-quality site or do you want a website that has genuine long-term potential?

We're here to create useful websites as opposed to "filler" that just pollutes the Web, in other words websites you would gladly tell friends or family members about when they ask what you do for a living. To sum it all up: websites you can be proud of!


Small low quality websites no longer belong on the Internet: search engines hate them, visitors hate them and WE hate them!

Simply place an order by filling out the form located at the top of this page and we'll get back to you asap with more information about the process.

We charge a mere $345 for the design and $10 per 500-word article with a minimum of 50 articles/site. That's it, no hidden fees and no unpleasant surprises!


Everyone in the industry knows that we've been vocal (to say the least) against useless sites right from the beginning.

MegaSites (in other words content-rich sites) have always been appreciated because they provide value. That's our business model: making money by providing value.

To find more about us and about how our projects make the Internet a better place, visit the "About Us" section of the site and remember: sustainability is our #1 goal!

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